Ángel M. Sampedro, better known as Don Sampe is a 25 years old classically trained musician from Spain living in Poland. Don Sampe is an expert string player and amateur skilled producer. He is dedicated to explore new territories within the dramatic builds and melodic breakdowns of electronic music.

Qualified as a DJ by the Ibiza DJ Academy in 2013 and headed by his Krakatoa remix in 2015, Don Sampe co-founded the label 'Xetra Records' keeping in mind his effort by surpassing the limits of the Electro House.

In 2016, led by his stunning single 'Starlight', focused on Progressive and Electro House, he would be granted for the opening of Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa's "High Road" Tour in Dallas, Texas.


During 2017, Don Sampe would keep producing and he would release his second single, more into the ways of Bass House and Hard House, 'No Time', also he would smash the scene with his 'Shape Of You' Bootleg. Don Sampe would also assist at Tomorrowland that year.

2018 would be the year of Sampe's musical maturity, in which he would drop his 'Mi Gente' Remix, his most explosive banger in terms of Hard House.

Nowadays, Don Sampe is open for gigs around Poland, his actual living country, while he keeps learning and producing, as well as in other European countries.

Don Sampe © 2019

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